The Luthier

Worshop de Cravos Sebastian Nuñez

The luthier Mateus Portugal, Technologist in Luthiery by UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná). Owner of Portugallis© Instrumentos Musicais, works with repair, building of woodwinds and Acoustical String Instruments and also with research in Luthiery Fields.


Curva de nível Violino
Desbaste Curva de Nível Violino
Formatura Tecnologia em Luteria Mateus Portugal

Has participated in many capacitation course such as repair with woodwinds, clavischords, lute building with the luthiers Daniel Tamborín, Sebastian Nuñez and Klaus Jacobsen. 



Mateus has made lectures about bamboo flutes making (pifes), luthiery history and was also the general director of the First and the Second Semana Acadêmica de Luteria da UFPR (Academic Week). 


Workshops with kids, old age and college students alongside with new instruments building using dairy sounds and raw materials for individuals and for institutions.


For now he builds woodfolk instruments (world music), old instruments and flutes. The ones he studies more are Rabecas, Fiddles, Bamboo Flutes from the Northeast region of Brazil and also Whistles that share the same kind of tuning. Ideal for music education.


Main Works:


  • Lecture: "LUTERIA - CONSTRUÇÃO DOS INSTRUMENTOS MUSICAIS - Departamento Cultural da UniABO.
  • Technical Work: Building of a "Hardanger Fiddle" and technical text about the adaptations of the instrument to Braziliian necessities.
  • Main Organizer of the Extention Events "First and Second Luthiery Academic Week- UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná).
  • Lecture: "Introdution to Luthiery" from Pedagogical Extension ÍCONES DA MÚSICA OCIDENTAL - 3ª edição. - Fundação Clóvis Salgado
  • Workshop: "Construir Pifes" _ Bamboo flute construction. (UFPR)
  • Monitor: on the disciplines Musical Education I and II showing works about woodwinds on renaissance and medieval times. Ainding students with their works such as ellaborating a scientifica article about a Musical Instrument.. UFPR